10 Crucial Steps in your English Learning Journey from Spanish

A Journey Begins: Mastering English from Spanish

The commencement of your English learning journey from Spanish might feel like a daunting task in this globalized era. Yet, it’s a necessary endeavor. Let’s facilitate this transition with some useful insights.

English learning journey from Spanish

Embracing the Shared Lineage

Common Latin Roots

Believe it or not, English and Spanish languages share an abundance of Latin-based words. An estimated 30% of English vocabulary springs from Latin roots, many of which also exist in Spanish, like ‘animal’, ‘hospital’, or ‘university’. Exploiting these shared roots can accelerate your English proficiency.

Cognates: A Linguistic Boon

Cognates, words in two languages that have a common origin and similar meanings, can be a goldmine for Spanish speakers. The English ‘actor’ and Spanish ‘actor’, or the English ‘natural’ and Spanish ‘natural’ are examples. These cognates can gift you an instant vocabulary boost in English.

Overcoming the Linguistic Hurdles

The Challenge of Pronunciation

English pronunciation often poses challenges to Spanish speakers, primarily because certain sounds don’t exist in their native language. For example, the ‘th’ sound in words like ‘the’ or ‘bath’. Regular interactions with native speakers or using language learning apps can aid in surmounting this obstacle.

The Grammar Equation

English and Spanish differ significantly in sentence structure. Unlike Spanish where adjectives usually follow the noun they modify, English prefers the reverse order. For instance, ‘a red car’ in English translates to ‘un coche rojo’ in Spanish.

Tangible Measures for Learning English from Spanish

Dive into the Ocean of English

Faster learning comes with greater exposure to English. Listen to English music, watch movies or series with subtitles, read books or newspapers, and communicate in English as much as possible.

Leverage Language Learning Apps

Applications like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and Babbel offer tailored courses for Spanish speakers aspiring to learn English. These apps provide interactive lessons encompassing speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises.

Join English Classes

Enrolling in English classes can be advantageous for structured learning and practicing with fellow learners. Opt for classes emphasizing conversational English.

Interact with Native Speakers

Interacting with native English speakers is beneficial as it exposes you to slang, idioms, and natural speech patterns not typically found in textbooks. You can learn more about the effective steps mastering Czech online here.

The Journey’s End

Despite its challenges, the English learning journey from Spanish is entirely achievable with persistence, regular practice, and the right resources. Remember, learning a language is more of a marathon than a sprint. So, take it slow and savor the journey.

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