The Best Free Websites to Master Japanese: Your Ultimate Guide for Achieving Fluency

As soon as we start learning Japanese, the cost and quality of information becomes one of our top considerations. Hence, we have composed a comprehensive list of free websites that will help you reach fluency in Japanese.

1. NHK World Japan

NHK World Japan serves as a dynamic platform for learning basic Japanese. The website provides a set of interactive lessons where learners can explore the Japanese language in context. It is built not only to strengthen your vocabulary and grammatical knowledge but also to enhance familiarity with native pronunciations.

2. Marugoto

If you love an interactive learning experience, then Marugoto has got your back. Assuring a complete immersion in the Japanese language and culture. This multimedia platform uses lifelike situations and dialogues to enrich your language experience and knowledge.


Don’t have access to multimedia resources? No worries. You can count on Tofugu’s blog. The website is filled with comprehensive write-ups about the language, culture, and even the occasional Japanese pun to light up your day.


For learners who need actionable practice. provides you with an interactive platform to enhance your proficiency in reading and writing in Japanese. The website also applies a gamified approach, making the learning experience more engaging and less tedious.

5. Duolingo

Pioneering on the idea of learning wherever and whenever, Duolingo offers an effective platform for learning Japanese. It encompasses a series of graduated lessons for different skill levels, focusing on both speech and textual Japanese.

6. Wasabi -Japanese Grammar Point

Wasabi breaks down complex Japanese grammar into simple, understandable concepts. It covers a range of grammar points, from basics to complex stratospheres, all organized efficiently for easy access.


NIHONGO eな is unique in its approach because it offers language learning through manga and anime. It covers different aspects of Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and conjugation.


For those seeking to expand their vocabulary, provides an excellent online dictionary service. Additionally, it showcases different word usages in sentences, giving you a better understanding of the context.

9. focuses its learning approach around the top 6000 Japanese words, which reveals the majority of daily conversations. The practical approach makes language learning much more relatable and enduring.

10. Kanshudo

Kanshudo provides systematic lessons on Japanese writing. It thoroughly breaks down Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana. It helps you to perfect your writing style, along with pronunciation and stroke order.

11., also known as Erin’s Challenge, is a multimedia learning site providing video content articulating everyday Japanese situations. The website also provides transcripts and translations to help learners comprehend the language better.

12. Japanesepod101

Japanesepod101 operates on a freemium model. It provides podcast styled lessons, making it perfect for learning on the go. Its conversational approach caters to all proficiency levels, improving your listening understanding significantly.

Investing time and perseverance in these platforms will indisputably refine your Japanese skills. Begin your free Japanese learning journey today and discover the fascinating world of the Japanese language right at your fingertips.

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